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Can’t tell you how much I love my Farberware Electric Pressure Cooker and My Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

I’ll never make mashed potatoes on top of the stop in a pot of water ever again.  They come out so fluffy and smooth in my electric pressure cookers.  You can whip them up with a fork they are so creamy.  Just add your favorite ingredients; I just add a little butter and salt.  You’ll love the consistency.

My grandmother had a stove top pressure cooker, but I never realized how wonderful they were.  So now I have both electric and stove top pressure cookers.  My sister and I would go over to La Junta, Colorado, to a “Pick Your Own” farm and get veggies; mostly tomatoes. Then take them back and can them in quart jars in our 23 quart Presto pressure cooker/canner.  It’s so wonderful have a lot of jars of ripe, fresh tomatoes canned up.  Just a quick tip… freeze some of your tomatoes if you have a lot and then run them under some slightly warm water; the skins fall right off.

Enjoy the recipes and let me know how you are doing.

By the way, I love the Instant Pot but I bought the 3 quart model.  Then I realized it was a bit small so I ran to the store and bought the larger size Farberware electric pressure cooker.  I works just like the Instant Pot, but has a little bit different control console on the front.  The best part was that it was quite a bit less than the Instant Pot of the same size.

Enjoy the recipes and check back since I’ll be adding more along this yummy journey…

All the best to all…  Smiles and Blessings…..  Aunt Joanie

BIG P.S.  Make SURE that all the pressure has been released from your pressure cooker BEFORE you try to take off the lid.

Enjoy the Recipes in the download…